About Us


Glitter Zoo is owned by Toni and Brandi, a crafty sister duo team, residing in New York!

We took on careers as Social Workers; Toni working with children and adults on the Autism Spectrum, and Brandi working with adults diagnosed with severe mental illness and substance use disorders. We started this journey with Glitter Zoo in June 2019, after years of struggling with our own mental health, feeling empty, burnt out, and forgetting about our love for crafting and creating. We finally found a hobby that made us happy and we could share together! 

With our LOVE for animals & all things glittery, we based our business around it! Our glitter names are animal-inspired. We also have our own mini zoo at home and some waiting on the rainbow bridge. 
We are fueled to provide the same high quality glitter and one-of-a-kind custom mixes but at an affordable price! 

Glitter Zoo has become our community & family. We thank you for being a part of our own self-care journey!